Liste Alphabétique des Services - D - Centre-Toronto

D'Arcy Pharmacy - Toronto   Toronto
Daily Bread Food Bank  
Dale Ministries - Church of the Epiphany and St Mark - Wednesday Drop-in   Toronto
Dalemount Child Care  
Dandylion Childcare Centre  
Danforth and Pape X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Danforth Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
Danforth Foot Clinic   Toronto
Danforth Main Medical Diagnostic   Toronto
Danforth Main Pharmacy   Toronto
Danforth Main Street Clinic   Toronto
Danforth Medical Pharmacy   Toronto
Danforth Neighbourhood Pharmacy Care   Toronto
Danforth Pharmacy - Scarborough - Avenue Danforth   Toronto
Danny's Drugstore - Scarborough   Toronto
DAS Day Care  
Datu's Pharmacy - Toronto - Rue Dundas Ouest   Toronto
Davenhill Senior Living   Toronto
Davenport Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre   Toronto
Davisville Care Programme  
Davisville Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
Davisville Home Healthcare   Toronto
Davisville Physiotherapy Centre   Toronto
Dawes Drug Mart   Toronto
Dawes Road Centre For Early Learning  
Day Care Connection  
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Debtors Anonymous   Toronto
Deep Quong Community Fund - Vance Latchford Place  
Deer Park Extended Primary Education Program  
Deer Park Podiatry   Toronto
Deerwood Creek Care Community   Etobicoke
Delisle Pharmacy   Toronto
Delmanor Prince Edward   Toronto
Delta Family Resource Centre  
Demarco Pharmacy   Toronto
Dental Emergency Service   Toronto
Denton Place Centre For Early Learning  
Dentonia Park Co-Operative Nursery School  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Dépendance aux opioïdes  
Détresse et crise Ontario   Kitchener
Developmental Services Ontario - Toronto Region  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario  
Diabetes Express Pharmacy   Markham
Dian Childcare Centre  
Diététistes du Canada (Les)   Toronto
Dignified Footcare   Toronto
Dignity Transportation   North York
Dilawri Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre   Toronto
Disability Awareness Consultants   Toronto
DiscountPlus Pharmacy   Toronto
Discovering Minds Montessori Preschool  
Discovery Community Christian Church - Westway Campus Food Bank   Toronto
Distillery District Early Learning Centre  
Distress Centres   Toronto
Dixon Community Services  
Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services   Toronto
Doctor's Clinic - Scarborough   Toronto
Doctor's Office (The) - North York   Toronto
Doctor's Office (The) - North York - Rue Jane (Jane Finch Mall)   Toronto
Doctor's Office (The) - Scarborough - Avenue Morningside (Morningside Crossing)   Toronto
Doctor's Office (The) - Scarborough - Avenue Sheppard Est (Birchmount)   Toronto
Doctor's Office (The) - Thornhill - Avenue Steeles Ouest (Main Exchange)   Thornhill
Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 2299 rue Dundas Ouest   Toronto
Doctor’s Office Therapy Centre   Toronto
Doctors Pharmacy - Scarborough   Toronto
DoctorsOntario   Toronto
Dom Lipa Nursing Home   Toronto
Dom Lipa Slovenian Linden Foundation - Etobicoke - Retirement Residence   Etobicoke
Don de corps  
Don Mills Medical Clinic   Toronto
Don Mills Pharmacy   Toronto
Don Valley X-Ray and Ultrasound Services   Toronto
Donna Mikec Advanced Foot Care   Toronto
Donvale Ultrasound Services   Toronto
Dorothy Ley Hospice (The)   Etobicoke
Dover Gardens Nursery School  
Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club  
Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club - Junction Clubhouse   Toronto
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Peterborough
Down Syndrome Association of Toronto   Toronto
Downsizing Diva- Etobicoke/Caledon-Dufferin  
Downsview Community Legal Services  
Downsview Medical Centre   Toronto
Downsview Park Pharmacy   Toronto
Downtown Care-Ring  
Downtown Dispensary 2   Toronto
Downtown Doctors Walk-in Medical Centre   Toronto
Downtown Kids Academy  
Downtown Legal Services  
Dr Eric Jackman Institute Of Child Study Laboratory School Nursery   Toronto
Dr Jay Children's Grief Centre   Toronto
Dragon City Xray and Ultrasound - Toronto - 280 avenue Spadina   Toronto
Dream Team   Toronto
Dress For Success Toronto  
Dress Your Best  
Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund  
Drug Centre Discount Pharmacy   Toronto
DUA Cardiac Networks   Toronto
Dufferin Central Pharmacy   Toronto
Dufferin Drug Mart - Toronto - Rue Dufferin   Toronto
Dufferin Family Care Centre   Toronto
Dufferin Medical Clinic   Toronto
Dufferin Medical Imaging Centre   Toronto
Dufferin Medical Pharmacy - Toronto - Rue Dufferin   Toronto
Dufferin-Finch Pharmacy   Toronto
Dundas Euclid Pharmacy   Toronto
Dundas-Spadina Pharmacy   Toronto
Dunloe Children's Centre  
Dunn Pharmacy   Toronto
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Abion Rd  
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Humber College Blvd  
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Kipling Ave  
Dynacare - Head Office, Brampton  
Dystrophie musculaire Canada - Bureau régional Ontario et Nunavut   Toronto