Liste Alphabétique des Services - B - Centre-Toronto

B and A Pharmachoice   Toronto
Back to Life Rehabilitation Centre   Toronto
Bais Yaakov Elementary School   Toronto
BALANCE for Blind Adults   Toronto
Balmy Beach Community Day Care Centre  
Bangladeshi Canadian Community Services  
Bannockburn School   Toronto
Banques alimentaires Canada   Mississauga
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, The   Toronto
Barreau du Haut-Canada - Service de référence du Barreau   Toronto
Barrier Free Construction   Toronto
Bartimaeus   Burlington
Bathurst Drug Mart   Toronto
Bathurst Lawrence Nuclear Imaging   Toronto
Bathurst Medical Centre X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Bathurst Prince Charles Housing Project  
Bathurst Walk-in Clinic and Family Practice   Toronto
Bathurst-Wilson Pharmacy   Toronto
Bay Cardiac Diagnostic   Toronto
Bay College Medical and Lockwood Diagnostic   Toronto
Baycrest   Toronto
Baycrest Child Care Centre  
Bayshore HealthCare - Toronto   Toronto
Bayview Cardio Pulmonary Services   Toronto
Bayview Community Services   North York
Bayview Village Wellness Centre   Toronto
Bayview-Finch Chiropractic Clinic   Toronto
BBYO Ontario  
Beach Arms Retirement Residence   Toronto
Beach Interfaith Outreach Program  
Beaches Co-Operative Playschool  
Beatty Buddies Daycare  
Beaver Drugs   Toronto
Bedford Medical Alert   Toronto
Beech Clinic   Toronto
Beech Hall Housing Co-operative   Toronto
Beech Medical Pharmacy   Toronto
Bell Canada - Centre de services d'accessibilité   Montreal
Belle et bien dans sa peau   Mississauga
Bellwood Health Services   Toronto
Bellwood Health Services   Toronto
Bellwoods   Toronto
Belmont House   Toronto
Belwood Lodge and Camp  
Bendale Acres - Résidence de soins de longue durée   Toronto
Bennett Health Care Centre   Georgetown
Bennington Heights Child Care Centre  
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Toronto   Toronto
Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living   Toronto
Bessborough Child Care Centre  
Best Buddies Canada   Toronto
Best Care Imaging   Toronto
Best Care Village Pharmacy - Scarborough   Toronto
Best Chinese Medicine   Toronto
Best Drug Mart - Toronto - Rue Bloor Ouest   Toronto
Best Endings   Toronto
Bethany Baptist Church - Food Bank  
Bethanys Hope Foundation   London
Better Beginnings Nursery School  
Better Body Fitness Rehabilitation Wellness - Scarborough office   Toronto
Better Living Health and Community Services   Toronto
Bhatti Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre   Toronto
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto  
Bill McMurray Residence   Toronto
Bio Pharmacy   Toronto
Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre  
Birkdale Residence - Toronto, City of - Shelter, Housing and Support Division   Toronto
Birth Control and Sexual Health Center   Toronto
Birthright - Toronto   Toronto
Black Business and Professional Association  
Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention   Toronto
Blair Court Pharmacy   Toronto
Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service  
Blake Street Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
Blake Street Early Learning and Child Care Centre - Satellite Program  
Bloom Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloom, Dr Darryl - Chiropractics   Toronto
Bloor Information and Life Skills Centre  
Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Church - BLCF Cafe Community Dinner  
Bloor Park Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloor Sherbourne Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloor St Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloor West Nursery School  
Bloor West Village Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloor West Village Women's Clinic   Toronto
Bloor-Christie X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Bloor-Dundas Pharmacy   Toronto
Bloor-Jane Physiotherapy and Active Rehabilitation   Toronto
Bloorcourt Village Early Learning Centre  
Blossom Wigs Your Private Wig Salon   Oshawa
Blossoming Minds Learning Centre   Toronto
Blue Bell Academy   Toronto
Blue Butterfly Montessori School  
Blue Rose Medical Centre and Pharmacy   Toronto
Blue Sky Pharmacy - Toronto - 1176 avenue St Clair Ouest   Toronto
Bluebird Montessori School - Mini   Toronto
Bluebird Montessori School - North   Toronto
Bluebird Montessori School - South   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - Etobicoke - 3170 boulevard Lakeshore Ouest   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - North York - 2221 rue Keele   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - Toronto - 150 avenue Eglinton   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - Toronto - 2190 rue Yonge   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - Toronto - Dufferin et Eglinton   Toronto
Boardwalk Montessori School  
Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf (The)   Toronto
Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf   Toronto
Body Bliss Physiotherapists   Toronto
Body Rehabilitation and Wellness   Toronto
Boggio, Dr Glenn - Chiropractics   Toronto
Bon départ   Toronto
Bonaventure Child Care Centre  
Boniface Park Medical Pharmacy   Toronto
Bonis-Birchmount Pharmacy   Toronto
Boomerang Health   Vaughan
Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre  
Boulton Avenue Child Care Centre  
Boundless Adventures   Toronto
Bowmore Child Enrichment Centre  
Bowmore Road Community Day Care Centre  
Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough  
Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough - Scarborough East - Ontario Early Years Centre  
Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough - St Brendan CS  
Bradgate Arms Retirement Residence   Toronto
Braeburn Neighbourhood Place  
Brain Injury Society of Toronto  
Brands for Canada  
Bravo Hearing Centre  
Breakaway Addiction Services   Toronto
Briarhill Pharmacy   Toronto
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare - Bridgepoint Hospital   Toronto
Bridgepoint Family Health Team   Toronto
Bridlewood Chiropractic Centre   Toronto
Bright Minds Childcare and Montessori School  
Brightpath Eglinton   Toronto
BrightStar Care - North York   Toronto
Brimley Pharmacy   Toronto
Broad View French Montessori School - School I   Toronto
Broad View French Montessori School - School II   Toronto
Broadon Pharmacy   Toronto
Broadview Medical Pharmacy   Toronto
Brock Early Learning Centre  
BSA Diagnostics Medical Imaging - Kennedy et Sheppard   Toronto
Bureau de l'intervention en faveur des patients des établissements psychiatriques   North York
Bureau de l'Ombudsman de l'Ontario   Toronto
Burnview Drugs   Toronto
Burrows Hall Community Centre   Toronto